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The Beatles, Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones, Eminem, The Cars, Billy Joel, Frank Sinatra, Panic! At The Disco, Johnny Cash, Boston, Elvis, Buddy Holly, Nirvana, 2Pac Shakur, Queen and countless others are awaiting your order in the grooves of our most beautiful vinyl pressings of the world's greatest artists.

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The World's First Record Shop

In 1897, the world's first record shop & recording studio were opened in Philadelphia by the inventor of the record & record player, Emile Berliner, and his quaint firm; 'The Gramophone Co.' -later known as the Victor Talking Machine Co.

The Iconic ‘His Master’s Voice’ painting & company logo is where ‘HMV’ derives it’s name - Today, the 'HMV' Record Shop continues the tradition of curating a careful collection of new and vintage records for our founder's inventions.

Explore Victor Home Audio Instruments!

The Victor Co. wants you to listen to your new and vintage HMV Shop records on a Victor Talking Machine Co. Victrola or Home Audio Instrument (Bluetooth Speaker) because quality matters! Shipped directly from the new American factory - The Victor Co. cares about MUSIC FANS and Musicians - and every purchase benefits the creation and development of new music and musicians.

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Bob Dylan's masterpiece 'Blonde On Blonde' comes to HMV!

Bob Dylan's masterpiece 'Blonde On Blonde' comes to HMV!

Blonde On BlondeTed Hammond